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Why The VirtueMart Shopping Cart?


The Joomla Experts specializes in the Virtuemart Shopping Cart System.  We have found it to be the most stable, secure, reliable, and configurable shopping cart available in todays market.  Additionally the Virtuemart Shopping Cart System is Search Engine Friendly and user friendly.


Combined with Joomla, and the Virtuemart Shopping Cart is your website, You have the benefit of CMS (content management system), your shopping cart, and a client base all wrapped into one package.  Regardless of the size of your business you will not outgrow this system.


Customer Navigation

Customer Navigation is critical.  Your VirtueMart Shopping Cart is set up and designed to give your shoppers a pain free online shopping experience.

VirtueMart Shippers 


We set up your shipping configurations based on your companies needs.  Perhaps you only wish to ship USPS and have no need to ship Fed-Ex.  Perhaps you want to ship within the United States and have no desire to ship Internationally.  We will consult with you on what is best for you.  Furthurmore if your needs change in the future we can add the appropriate shippers to accomodate your current needs at that time.


Credit Card or PayPal?

Regardless if you are a new business who does not want to take the plunge of a full credit card management service or if you are already an established business with the need for credit card services we have you covered.  Or perhaps you want your customers to be able to choose between PayPal or other credit cards.  We will work with you to set up your needs on a custom level which is designed specifically for your business. 






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