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So now we have you as a client - What can you expect from here?

Let us assume for a minute you have selected The Joomla Experts to build your Virtuemart Shopping Cart and/or your Joomla Content Management System.  You have choices.  Either we can manage and do all of your product input in and manage the articles on  your website, or you may find it more practical for you to input your own information and maintain your own articles.  We will work with you to decide which is more appropriate for your business. 


In this case you have decided you want to learn how to input your own data.  The Joomla Experts has developed a system whereas we build your videos for you in the areas you wish to learn.  For example, you may wish to learn how to add categories and sections in Joomla, but you have no idea how to go about it.  Your time is valuable!  We make a video specific to your CMS or Shopping Cart configuration to teach you how to create the categories and sections. 


We originally developed this concept because some of our clients have absolutely no web development experience and we knew with the proper instruction they would be able to function professionally in a short time and without the fear of crumping their site.  The joy for you is we have a method of teaching which teaches you a step at a time and is not overwhelming.


Our videos are complete with voice and visuals which walk you through step by step. 

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